The ROCKSTAR Copy Method

is a Messaging System

for impact-driven

coaches and consultants

who want to flip the script

in their industry,
and lead a revolution

If you're a transformational coach or consultant


If you take a different approach to others in your space... 


If you've helped your clients get amazing results for a while now...


If you know you have what it takes to be a Rockstar in your category...


If your sales and marketing efforts just aren't hitting the right notes...


If (for whatever reason) nobody seems to be paying attention...


Then ROCKSTAR Sales Pages is for you!

Get ready to strum on heartstrings and rise to Rockstar status in your category.

Wanna know what sucks?


Scrolling for 30 pages before you see the price!


Yeah, we hate that too … and we refuse to put you through that!


So we've made it sooooper quick and easy to navigate this page.


Everything you might need to know about ROCKSTAR Sales Pages is bundled under 9 clearly-labelled drop-downs (and a smattering of videos)…


Simply click on the little arrow next to the question you want answered, and voila!


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What's the big idea here?

Who says you can't keep doing what you're doing?

What makes ROCKSTAR Sales Pages different?

Why do we care about this?

How did we come up with the ROCKSTAR Copy Method?

What do past clients have to say about ROCKSTAR Sales Pages?

What's on offer

What's included in the 28 Day Sales Page Experience?

What's included in Superstar Experience?

What's included in Road to ROCKSTAR?

The 28 Day Sales Page Experience


If doing it yourself on a budget is your thing, this self-paced video training series will enable you to write a world-class sales page within a month, in less than 30 minutes per day.

The Superstar Experience


Because REAL Rockstars should never have to set up their own stage, our Superstar Experience is a done-for-you sales page service unlike any other.

The Road to Rockstar (journeyship)


The Road to Rockstar will help you create a compelling offer within your zone of joyful genius, and develop a message that powerfully resonates with your ideal target audience.


It’s a month-by-month strategy & support system, for the coach or consultant who is tired of punching below her weight; and who is ready to forge her own path to becoming a celebrated captain of her category.

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